Anne Burkholder Studio & The Burkholder Project

Anne's studio and gallery are located in The Burkholder Project, located in downtown Lincoln's Haymarket District. The building houses a unique collection of 36 art and design studios, loft apartments, and three levels of galleries, connected by a sun-filled atrium.


The Project was designed and developed by artist Anne Burkholder, who bought the building in 1987. It was her idea to create a place where a community of artists would have excellent work spaces, as well as a support system of other creative people. The project also represents fifteen regional, national, and international "associated Artists" in the Sampler Gallery on the lower level.


Art thrives in this bright and exciting community in part because of the artists' exchange of ideas with one another and with the public. We invite you to join us, observe our creative processes, ask questions, learn about each of our art forms, browse the galleries and visit the working studios and shops where you can see not only the finished works, but the works of art in progress.


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